cat food watch

“Social Security is the piggy bank that Republicans seem to go to whenever it dawns on them that we’ve gotta do something about the debt, notwithstanding the fact that they passed a huge tax cut that added trillions to the debt and benefited mostly wealthy individuals and corporations,” says Max Richtman, president and CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

Clearly we don't "gotta do something" about "the debt," since both Republicans and Democrats supported deficit spending for bailouts of the rich under the guise of coronavirus relief. But that's the story, anyway. And why limit the criticism to Republicans? Recall that his high holiness Saint Obama, in his first term, tried to cut social security and medicare by appointing a commission to "study" the "problem," which bloggers jokingly called the cat food commission, because the goal was to force your grandparents to live on cat food (or rely on your support). The commission recommended, of course, raising the eligibility age (a cut to benefits earned by workers) and cutting cost-of-living increases (another benefit cut). Like Trump, Obama also supported a benefits-weakening payroll tax cut.

Now endtimer nut Mitt Romney is following his former opponent's footsteps with a bill for another study commission, that is, another stealth attempt to cut Americans' benefits. Since reptilians have no irony, it's called the TRUST Act.

Note: added blog category cat food watch, to cover past and future coverage of trust outbreaks by our leaders.