new music releases (updated)

Some recent Bandcamp releases are below. This is sort of a pre-announcement; eventually they'll get a proper sendoff with embedded links and liner notes.

(My music productivity is a bit ahead of blogging at the moment.)

Tom Moody - Music for Piano

Three releases from the St Celfer and Tom Moody collaborative page:

earcon Sampler: Tom Moody Edit

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 1

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 2

Tom Moody - First Wavs, Vol. 3

The "First Wavs" series presents tracks from 2004-2010 that were originally posted here. These have been culled down to "keepers" and in some cases drastically shortened, but not otherwise remixed. For example, Mutator OD Bass, from Vol. 3, which a fellow blogger once used as his ringtone.

Happy New Year to all.