"squad" votes for the heinous pelosi

Yves Smith didn't say if a specific topic caused her to turn off comments on her blog Naked Capitalism (which has a lively and informative comments section).
"I am tired of adjudicating extended off topic discussions (aka 'thread-jacking'), regular Making Shit Up, conspiracy theories, and threats of bodily harm," was all she said.
Possibly it was arguments about political comedian Jimmy Dore's #ForceTheVote initiative. He's been demanding from his YouTube pulpit that so-called progressive House Democrats withhold their vote from the odious Nancy Pelosi in her race for House Speaker. That should be a given; she's one of the most hated politicians in America. Dore wanted AOC and the rest of the squad to use their speakership vote to force a House-wide floor vote on Medicare for All. This would have the effect bringing the issue to the fore in the midst of The Pandemic, to make representatives affirmatively declare yes or no on the issue, rather than offer vague promises and postpone consideration. The idea isn't to actually win, but to start making moves in that direction, as opposed to doing nothing.
Dore was much discussed on Naked Capitalism's last big commentfest before the shutoff. Yves Smith intervened a couple of times to declare Dore a "troll" and a political "latecomer." She's wrong about both; he's a refreshing voice on the left, and has been courageous in critizing Bernie and AOC for their spinelessness in the face of "corporate Democrat" control. Sadly the moment has passed -- the Squad voted for Pelosi this week. Maybe NC comments can come back on now.

Update, Jan 11, 2021: Naked Capitalism is re-enabling comments. Yves Smith mentioned only one issue as a cause for the holiday (there were doubtless others):

An example of the sort of discussion that has degraded the comments section: the bizarre talking point that Sanders was a “sheepdog,” which was repeatedly injected into the comments section despite the lack of news hooks in Links or current articles. Technically, this was a classic example of yet another Policies violation called “thread jacking.” We should have expunged those comments and moderated or blacklisted offenders.

You can legitimately criticize Sanders for how he conducted his campaign, and in particular, his decision to suspend it after the weekend of the long knives. But the notion that Sanders was campaigning to do Team Dem a big favor never had any factual foundation, consistent with the inability of proponents to provide one.

These discussion were not only a rancorous waste of space, they sucked attention and energy away from productive post mortem analysis. Understanding why Sanders failed and assessing what if anything he could have been done to change the outcome would be helpful to future campaigns. But instead we witnessed repetitive, seemingly unending, unsubstantiated accusations. And this argument could never go anywhere because the charge presumed that Sanders had been consciously operating in bad faith from the very outset. Strong claims require strong evidence, yet there was none.