Chamber Bits (new Bandcamp release)

Am pleased to announce my 38th Bandcamp release, Chamber Bits.

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Liner notes:

No modular synthesizers were used in the making of this release.
Instead I dug in the virtual crates (my hard drive) for sound sources. Not just samples but software instruments and midi patterns, wherever they might be lurking in the canyons of files and folders. This release might have once been called "eclectic" but I've decided to be more aggressively PoMo. If something's not supposed to go together, it went together. At the same time, formally speaking, the tunes push further backward into the 20th Century chamber music realm. It's not atonal (pretty much the opposite) but more like the music recovering serialists make. These could all be midi sketches awaiting live players but we know that's never going to happen. Computer acoustics remain the vocabulary.

Released May 3, 2021

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