Carsten Nicolai

Just noticed that Carsten Nicolai is showing at Pace Wildenstein (see ArtCal Zine review).
I wrote about him for Very magazine in '00--that review has been online for a while. Looking forward to the show--sure it will be insanely rigorous.

Update: Saw the exhibit. Considerable mileage exists between the work I covered and what's at Pace. The street edge, such as it was, is missing--this was very uptown. The music component made the trip worthwhile; subtle almost to the point of inaudibility, the white noise hissing in the Irwin/Turrell-like "mist room" and the fried pacemaker pulses pinging between the bombastic mirrored concavities in Room 2 brought the slightly subverting influence of the ear to the inevitable eye-dominating museum style installations.