Gameboyzz Orchestra Project

Another obscure Gameboy CD discussed at Mutant Sounds:

Exactly what the band name suggests and part of a host of similarly themed Gameboy projects that came on the scene around the same time (the Nanoloop compilation CD, Matt Wand's Public.exe 10" and the Klangstabil "Gioco Bambino" CD I posted a while back to name a few), this troupe feed numerous Nintendo gameboys through a nanoloop editor then tweak the results through delays and reverbs, though to their credit, the migraine-in-an-arcade aggression and mulchy grittiness of their approach causes this to successfully stand apart in tone from the other cited projects. Issued in a blink-and-you-missed-it edition of 55 copies on the Mik Musik imprint (home to the Molr Drammaz and Pathman CDR's I've posted previously), this is a real winner for those inclined to enjoy 8-bit fuckery of this sort.

This is taking Gameboy music into the industrial, Reichian* realm. It feels a bit similar to what I tried to do with DJ-mixing (cross fading) two 8 Bit Construction Set records a while back, but denser and doomier (and more original).

*Steve, not Wilhelm.