Blackwater Protest; Redacted Torture Secrets Hit Web

Two semi-related items on a "we the people vs the forces of darkness" theme:

Protest at Blackwater headquarters. Glad someone else is disturbed by the rise of this private police force. It should be shut down. We have an army and police--we don't need this company run by Christiofascists whose leader has a Hitler haircut.

This blog post describes how government agents detained a 9/11 suspect and threatened to torture or imprison his family in Egypt. A surface-to-air radio was found in his hotel room that subsequently turned out to be a pilot's left in the closet. Nevertheless the detainee confessed after the threats to his family, and is now suing for violation of his civil rights. The appeals court agreed he had a case, and published an account of what the government did to him in its summary judgment opinion. Several bloggers downloaded and posted it. Then the appeals court withdrew the opinion and redacted all the stuff about torture threats as "classified." Except it's not a secret, thousands now have the original opinion and are circulating it around the Web.