Rumors behind the demise of the Nasty Nets "internet surf club":

--Art blogger called the site mediocre and noobie club member dissed her.

--Museum cherrypicked NN members for show and internal tensions tore group apart.

--Influx of personnel from rival crews after "beef" altered group mission.

--Porn company offered founders a sum they couldn't refuse for the URL ""

But seriously...

The Nasty Nets blog has been replaced by a hilarious, giant puppy with strangely human eyes that follow your cursor around. This has been for almost a day. If this is a fit of pique by the site's founder(s) it's a good one.
But damn, at least when I pulled the plug on my blog I left the content online!
Ah, I don't care, it's not like we had a contract , it just means I'll have to repost some of my NN material here.
I do hope the group does a DVD--maybe self-released with all the material currently in folders on the website????
And then maybe a separate DVD with the "secret stash" and html files of the blog posts?
I can help a little and will certainly promote it from my tiny corner of the blogosphere.

Update: One should never listen to rumors, or pass them along on the Internet. Nasty Nets did disappear for a day, but it was apparently a Halloween prank. Or possibly one of the discussion threads got too weird, with critical words flying hither and thither, and needed to be cooled down with a puppy. Anyway, Net Art 2.0 still lives, and NN work product is accessible to all.