Matt Smear

Matt Smear noted the latest bloglines* (mis)interpretation of a GIF post of mine, and was kind enough to email this image--it's two alternating screenshots showing the post "as it was intended" on Firefox and the "Xtreme stretched" version generated by bloglines. It's so thoughtful of the bloglines designers to help lowly bloggers by regularizing the spacing of GIFs. We just don't know what we're doing and are dying for a CSS whiz to show us the beauty of a well-designed post. That said, I kind of like the vibrating picket fence. But I like Smear's GIF best of all.

Be sure to check out Smear's blog. He is obsessed with Michael McDonald and Russ Tamblyn (in a good way) and takes their multicolored, low-res visages through hundreds of pixelated, psychedelic iterations. Really trippy, ambitious use of animated GIFS, spatially exciting because they take up a large part of the browser window and really work that real estate. Like painting, but on your computer instead of a canvas with a guard watching you stare at it. Here's a comparatively muted image that I like a lot (about 1.33 MB).

*RSS newsreader that reformats blog posts and allows subscribers to follow a lot of different people's content without clicking through to the original blogs. One reason I switched to a generic design is what's the point of having a "unique" page if newsreaders convert every blog to the same format?