Paul Slocum Sample Remixer: Questions

Open letter to Paul Slocum:
What determines the tempo of individual loops on your sample-remixer? Or put another way, how is tempo detected?
You said the program looks for "interesting loop points"--what is interesting to your random generator? (This sounds skeptical but I'm just trying to grasp the methodology--I like the idea of self-designed art-making tools being almost an art in themselves.)
Also, what is the database that the sampler is using to look for loops?
Do you have a folder of contemporary Christian music that the program is searching?
Also, is it contemporary Christian rock? (I only watched enough of the Casting Crowns vid to see that they look like gentle metal dudes.)
Again, these aren't criticisms, just trying to understand the concept better, and thought it might be fun to have a little cross-blog discussion going. (While we still have this freedom and before the Internet turns into walled garden Facebook ghettos controlled by your local cable provider.)
Best, Tom