Bullying Giuliani Emerges in '07 Campaign

It's gratifying to know there are other folks out there in cyberland who think Rudy Giuliani is terrible candidate for Pres. After news came out that he was hiding expenses for various publicly funded junkets as New York mayor, including trysts in Long Island with a woman not his wife, MSNBC reports that he has started acting snippy and bullying with the press covering his '07 presidential campaign. ("Giuliani, who is normally friendly to reporters, bristled past them, and campaign staffers were unusually physical in keeping the press away.") Here are the comments from the MSNBC blog from fellow Americans who aren't buying the "America's Mayor" press spin:

The scumbag is bleeding scandal...

I told you all ... it would only be a matter of time before America sees the real Rudy that we here in NY knew all the time before 9-11...the rude nasty bully Rudy.

"Giuliani, who is normally friendly to reporters..."
Mark Murray should check Rudy's history with the NY press. There was never a more controlling, adversarial New York mayor than Rudy in New York history. If he's seen as friendly now, it's only because he's been able to conceal his true nature, which seems to be surfacing.

This guy is about the only one I absolutely cannot stand.

Rudy, It's the Sopranos meets David Vitters.

What's next Rudy... you going to just punch the next reporter who asks you a hard question? Please, this man is an absolute tool and the fact that he's getting traction in this race *gags*

Rudy's probably trying to figure out how to expense the secret service so he can move onto wife #4.

Heh-heh. When the heat is on, we now see who can't take it. If Hillary laughs at uncomfortable questions, Julie bristles and has his brownshirts hustle the press out of the way. His true (lack of) character is now shining through.

That's Pat Robertson's boy! I was wondering when the Great Rude One would resurface, the one with the New York manners. His children and his ex-wife do not speak to him. A New York state comptroller had to resign for providing his wife transportation, but it's OK for the pompous mayor to provide his mistress with tax payer-provided limo service. Where's the outrage from the Republican right wing, who tried to make a scandal out of any move Bill Clinton made? HYPOCRITES!!!

Rudy needs to be asked the following question:
If you are elected President can the American public assume that at some point we will be paying for secret service protection for both the current Mrs. Giuliani (whoever that maybe at the time) and for your current mistress (whoever that maybe at the time)?

Teste is as teste does

The "hey I am great guy" is a phony. All his so called stats are either exaggerated or lies. His police chief did it all, and when he was given credit, Rudy gave him the boot. Crime was already on the decline from the previous mayor. This guy became rich over 911. It is disgusting that he will use 911 to get to the presidency, to start another trillion dollar war with Iran. Firemen and others died because NY was not prepared. Americans have to be stupid to think he can run the country.

I would vote for Rudy, for president of Iran.

Mr. Giuliani will soon learn that in the final analysis Teflon is strictly reserved for weak-minded, faux-Texan sons of second-rate, blueblood Presidents. Mr. Giuliani asserting he has adequately explained these shady financial shenanigans does not make it so. He'll be a walking mass of scandals by the time he goes down in flames at the first Republican primary. Enjoy the well-deserved ride to ruin, Rudy!

Whew--what do you guys *really* think?