Beats Only Sketchbook

"SQP Memory Drum 100 bpm" [mp3 removed]

"SQP Beatslicer 120 bpm" [mp3 removed]

"Krypt 116-121 (100 bpm)" [mp3 removed]

"Krypt 112-115 (Beat Only - 100 bpm)" [mp3 removed]

I told someone recently that I was going to turn into the Net version of the guy out banging pots on the street (but not as loud). All these "sketches" were made in Reaktor. The SQP is a very basic piano roll midi sequencer; these are all my notes (no loops) but the Memory Drum and Beatslicer ROMplers have some modulation presets. Krypt has its own sequencer but again, these are my notes--not that it matters that much. "SQP Beatslicer" was used as background texture in "Slow and Fast Zombies"; "Krypt 112-115" was previously posted with an overlaid melody. "Krypt 116-121 (100 bpm)" comes the closest to being a complete piece to me. I can't figure out what else to do with it at the moment.