Lo-Fi Baroque

Just noticed from the MTAA blog that Michael Sarff (M.River) co-curated the "Lo-Fi Baroque" show in 1998 at Thread Waxing.

I saw that show and while I thought it was a mixed bag of work the conceptual Povera aesthetic it limned was influential on me personally and from the photos and descriptions I've seen of the New Museum's show "Unmonumental" (I'm actually seeing it this week) it appears to be a late riff on Sarff's ideas. Rachel Harrison is central to this style and is in both shows--Sarff's exhibit also included James Hyde, Gregory Green, Chris Hanson & Hendrika Sonnenberg, and Cary S. Leibowitz/Candyass who were all going strong in 1998 and probably still are but have been replaced in the smart assemblage canon with newer, hotter artists (Jim Lambie, Gedi Sibony, Sarah Lucas).

My own wrinkle (literally) was to apply the aesthetic to digital subject matter. This dropped me into a deep crack I'm still digging my way out of.