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Petra Cortright slight rmx

Edited/posted this to the sleepover page the night of the sleepover but never put it up here. Petra's original is better and shows the means of production (frames of the editing program) but it's too wide for this page's self-imposed "tasteful" limit so this is the chopped version.


"Bandito-Olay" [mp3 removed]

A flanged Absynth bassline runs throughout. More granularized scratch samples in loops slightly throwing off the rhythm. Other beats are live software synthesis kits on the RMIV. Controller curves for some long filter sweeps on the hats. This is a "blowing off steam" piece after working on "Spunky Cluster" for a long time.

A funny line from Robert Rodriguez's movie "Once Upon a Time in Mexico":

Agent Sands (Johnny Depp): Are you a Mexi-CAN or a Mexi-CAN'T?
Cucuy: I'm a Mexi-CAN.
Agent Sands: Good. Then do as I say.

Nasty Nets at the NY Underground Film Festival

Nasty Nets has released a DVD/DVDROM hybrid disc with support from The release event/DVD premiere is Friday Apr 4 at the NY Underground Film Festival.

For clarification Nasty Nets was a web surfing club, currently inactive except for "special events" such as yesterday's April Fools posting explosion.
Surf club has been misinterpreted in the media as "swapping cool links and calling it art" but it was a bit more than that.
It's not primarily film or video (web mechanics and mores were rather more the focus) so the NY Underground Film Festival event is kind of a translation exercise.
How to take a multi-user, multi-level, multi-media, cross-temporal, collective, interactive, art-made-alone-to-be-consumed-by-others-alone experience and turn it into a linear, meat space/meet space, sitting-politely-and-quietly-in-a-theatre-and-passively-communally-reacting kind of experience.

So it's a program of videos by the site's users, including most of the ones on the Joel Holmberg-edited video on the DVD, plus many others.
Thanks to Marisa Olson for organizing this event--I'm proud to be included with this group of work.

As for my own contribution, it's one of my occasional "anti-videos" (if that's even possible to make). "Hoedown" is a rather hyperactive/aggressive techno song I did. It didn't need visuals so I screen captured some B3verly H1llbillies footage off YouTube and assigned a small universe of "shots" to different musical motifs.


Jed doing this weird high stepping dance across the floor of the mansion (verse)
A poodle on hind legs spinning around (chorus)
(repeat verse/Jed)
(repeat chorus/poodle)
Ellie picking up the poodle four times (bridge)
Granny dancing (drum break)
(repeat chorus/poodle--audience attention flags--not "cool")
(repeat verse/Jed--what is this obsession with Jed Clampett? his dancing is really spastic/funny)

Update: post edited for length, tone