press release annotated

Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset pursue [1] a conscious [2] cultural position [3] that abstracts from [4] issues of power [5], sex [6], and marginalized or subcultural [7] behavioral patterns [8] in an alignment with [9] architectonics [10] and style [11] — as ways of emphasizing the "private" [12] as a reflection of the particular, singular, and non-generic [13] in exploring [14] social subject matters of class [15], privilege [16], gender [17], and nationality [18]. Artforum critic Molly Nesbit joins the artists Elmgreen & Dragset in this first time public presentation in New York City approaching [19] their practice [20] and production [21], as well as their role [22] as theatre directors [23], assemblers [24], and editors [25].

[1] as opposed to achieve
[2] as opposed to working while asleep
[3] as opposed to a subcultural position
[4] redacts
[5] as opposed to actual power
[6] as opposed to actual sex
[7] either or both, they can't decide
[8] as opposed to actual behavior
[9] as opposed to being out of kilter with
[10] the most special kind of architecture
[11] to spice up the architectonics
[12] as opposed to the "public"
[13] not to mention the unitary, unique, and one of a kind
[14] as opposed to finding
[15] as opposed to privilege
[16] as opposed to class
[17] as opposed to sex
[18] the last but not the least of the four subject matters
[19] but never reaching
[20] as opposed to perfection
[21] as opposed to work
[22] or roles
[23] to be explained later
[24] factory workers
[25] of press releases