Iron Man GIF

iron man

found on the Internet--about 100 frames were removed. not to overinterpret but this could be called Iron Man vs Judy Chicago.

Update, Mar. 2010: Posted this before the Robert Downey film took off. Have now changed the post title and GIF name as the image has been extremely popular with hotlinkers. The IM sequel is coming out soon and the meme machine is already gearing up. Get it, Iron Man, gearing up...? Uggh.

Update, Jan 2020: Restored post to its original form.

Music Notes

Virgil Thomson: for Four Saints in Three Acts came up with motifs corresponding to Gertrude Stein's words without writing them down. Eventually when the same motifs had recurred from memory enough times he decided those were the ones worth keeping and they became the opera. He worked the same way with his portraits--musical interpretations of people that resulted from sitting in the same room with them.

Eric Satie: "furniture music" consisting of more or less interchangeable parts that filled space and time but did not dramatically engage the listener

George Antheil: a piece for player piano no longer governed by time as music had always been. it can be compressed and uncompressed more or less instantly like a piece of visual art.

--notes from memory on Daniel Albright's book Untwisting the Serpent. Not quotes and the ideas may be slightly altered from Albright's meaning.

"Aerobic 808"

"Aerobic 808" [mp3 removed -- later version is on bandcamp]

Composed with two softsynth sequencers: Reaktor's Aerobic and an RMIV 808 kit.
The main "tunes" are presets with drums taken out or tweaked. The 808 riff I "built." The "hard" sound pays homage to MG's (aka Marc Green's aka Markus GrĂ¼nert's) Wo Gehobelt Wird... 12 inch. That kind of gritty techno-trance works for me as a genre, wish I owned more of it. Curiously the 12 inch I have has a different sleeve than the one on discogs. Mine has an assault rifle, that one is bullet holes. Woo.

Update, 2013: This was being linked as exercise music - whatever - I changed the filename and kept it up but note to self: do a remix of this and add some tunes.

Update, 2014: Tune reworked and moved to Bandcamp - see above.