"Aerobic 808"

"Aerobic 808" [mp3 removed -- later version is on bandcamp]

Composed with two softsynth sequencers: Reaktor's Aerobic and an RMIV 808 kit.
The main "tunes" are presets with drums taken out or tweaked. The 808 riff I "built." The "hard" sound pays homage to MG's (aka Marc Green's aka Markus GrĂ¼nert's) Wo Gehobelt Wird... 12 inch. That kind of gritty techno-trance works for me as a genre, wish I owned more of it. Curiously the 12 inch I have has a different sleeve than the one on discogs. Mine has an assault rifle, that one is bullet holes. Woo.

Update, 2013: This was being linked as exercise music - whatever - I changed the filename and kept it up but note to self: do a remix of this and add some tunes.

Update, 2014: Tune reworked and moved to Bandcamp - see above.