latest vvork narration on twitter

copied and pasted:

cartoony ironic logos for mid-'90s New York art galleries
screen-filling lines of Flash text about "sex in North Korea"
found videos of police beating rioters/demonstrators declared to be artists' actionist art
speaker suspended over water plays glitchy electronic music; speaker-bedecked table football game emits amplified sounds and sound effects
videos of falling icicles popping balloons
peruvian carpet and plugged-in native instruments; aboriginal style guitar picks
amplified bag of live snails
conversion of ordinary car covers into portable tents
two-channel Quicktimes scroll lists of loved, hated things
map-based visualization translates current network ping times into geographical distances (supposedly)
trees planted in order of height
1. artist travels to corporate headquarters to photograph them, then cuts the headquarters out of the photo; 2. sculptures based on cutouts
different colored windbreaker jackets hang from branches of upside down tree
film extras wear reflective clothing and hold up reflective signs to highlight their plight as invisible people of the film world
photo series documents shop signs pointing to "internet access"
network of speakers in bus stop creates "washes" of sound
artist photoshops his face onto the bodies of acrobats, martial arts masters, etc. in series of videos
2001 Net installation shows news pictures most viewed (ranked from 1 to 10) on different national Yahoo portals, in real time
post confuses two pieces--one involving recycled glass and one involving cardboard boxes that crash to gallery floor
bob marley flag, unidentifiable flag on roped-together bamboo poles
gold plaintain chain
image of Ojeda RĂ­os (Puerto Rican independence militant slain during controversial FBI arrest) printed on Nikes
8-bit music video with icons as pixels
sacred moment of baptism documented in scores of amateur videos (diptych juxtaposes dunking with re-emerging)
photo of shoe prints in sand, soles have text and pictograms inscribed in them
trumpet (musical instrument) attached to motorcycle tailpipe
United Nations symbol in acrylic glass or acrylic & glass (not sure which)
people listen to amplified ice melting (Allan Kaprow idea adapted for sound art)
tiny man paints the White House on the US$20 bill solid white using a paint roller (special effects video)
artist paints ruins white in Kabul, Afghanistan
online performance where viewers' clicks move cardboard box in small increments across a shelf until it tips over
plastic Oh God thought bubble hovers in museum-like space
Every word in the Bible arranged in alphabetical order and printed
collage in wooden box made of cut-up Economist mag
"erasure in photoshop" genre, no. 2367: remove all the birds from Hitchcock's The Birds
chocolate disco ball; simple photoshop gradient added to bridge collapse photo
Flag showing photos of Canvey Island Casino, Victoria Pier Folkestone, Spanish City Whitley Bay and West Pier Brighton
bags of concrete, dribbling inert dust, function as a historical hourglass between an unclear 'then' and a problematic 'now'
quirky transgressive solo performances with masks, blood, etc on personal YouTube channel