Sun Ra, AbEx Critics, Mariah Carey

From around the www:

This Recording on Sun Ra. Didn't know the story of Blount's conscientious objector status in World War II.

Paddy Johnson reviews the Jewish Museum's "Action/Abstraction...1940-1976" show at L Magazine. In the comments to her blog we're jawboning about critics Clement Greenberg and Harold Rosenberg and how the museum presents the art in relation to their writing.

Also at Johnson's, a discussion of the merits of Oliver Laric's digital subtraction of everything but Mariah Carey from a video of Carey's (it's the one where the nerdy computer repairman shows up at her door in the classic porn scenario, but you wouldn't know that because he and her lavish crib have been "green screened"). Johnson takes umbrage at Rhizome writer Marisa Olson's phrase "she's asking for it"--as in, Carey's asking to be, you know, remixed. Olson claims no double entendre and blames Johnson for "sloppy reading." Oh, come on, you wrote it, you own it, unless you disavow it as a not ready for prime time post-feminist jape. I understand there is a lively discussion in the Rhizome threads, a wonderful, civilized place "where you proceed dialogically until you come to the crux of your disagreements," but I'm currently on hiatus from that hellhole.