Maker of "Go Fish" Sues Kids

AB NewsWire, July 23:

HasBeen Games, a closely-held corporation owned by the Eli Sneed family for several generations, has recently taken an aggressive copyright stance to protect its interest in several popular games, including Go Fish, "Indian" style poker, and Duck Duck Goose.

"When I saw a knockoff of Go Fish on Facebook, steam came out my ears," says Beavis Sneed, the current CEO and great-grandson of founder Eli.

In addition to suing Facebook, HasBeen is also dispatching private detectives to summer camps around the US, in hopes of stanching unauthorized playing of Go Fish, a game developed and copyrighted by Eli Sneed.

"If one of our operatives hears your child say 'Give me all your fours,' Mom and Dad, you will be receiving a letter from an attorney by the time Junior gets home," a statement from Beavis Sneed's office says.

"This is no fishing expedition, but you will be netted," stated the statement.