twitters never posted to twitter

fffound bugs me except when I fffind my work there, then I'm ffflattered

wm gibson joke: "phantom gun syndrome" - right wing spy dude keeps patting waist where his gun would be

"he went from full-blown critical writing to picking apart press releases"

vid festival sent DVD back, post screening, to Mailboxes Etc where I mailed it from--good thing I happened to go back in there

according to R Krauss the grid mediates between the sacred and the secular--kind of a compromise motif

home techno musicians have yet to benefit from substantial critical analysis

i hate the way google suggests shit now as you type

i could cannibalize what's on my hard drive(s) and on paper in my studio and would never need any "new material"

horrible dream where I kept putting my left shoe on my right foot and vice versa while people were waiting for me at a dinner party

2 former manhattanites: "where are you now?" "jersey city--you?" "queens" (both trying to smile)