Blip Festival Once Removed

An annual tradition: Aron Namenwirth calls me from the Blip Festival and loud 8-bit music blares into my phone receiver. In past years I wasn't home and my answer machine recorded it. Tonight I am home and liveblogging it. According to the schedule Tonylight* is playing. Just heard a rousing cheap synth version of Hotel California. The crowd sounds are like a Beatles concert back in the day--or maybe it's just the phone and there are five people in there screaming. Possibly at this point Aron doesn't realize his phone is still on. I'm hanging up soon.

Update: previous years' calls.

*Update 2: Glomag, Aron says.

Distributed Gallery - Web Page and Interview

Here is the web page for the show I'm doing at Telic Arts Exchange's Distributed Gallery.
The interview Sean Dockray did with me covers: (i) Relationship of art to blogging, (ii) Relationship of art to blogging - showing whole blog in gallery, and (iii) Translating art from blog to public space (specific GIFs). At the end I give an impassioned defense of animated GIFs as a non-retro practice. I'll post an excerpt soon but the Q&A isn't overlong and easy to page through, so please give it a look.

PS I swear I know how to spell Bourriaud, just not consistently.