"Experimental Hoedown"

"Experimental Hoedown" [mp3 removed]

This song is in several movements a la classical music. It's almost all done with hardware and there is some actual audible knob turning at the beginning. One groovebox is feeding audio into an Adrenalinn pedal's phaser FX while another alters the phased sounds with MIDI notes (tunes as opposed to simple on-off messages). Altering the wet-dry mix in the pedal slowly brings up the un-effected drum sounds. Also, the phased sounds are sometimes further altered by running them through Mutator filter sweeps. I like the matter-of-fact feel of this suite--it's 7.5 minutes and not getting anywhere in a hurry. The phased sounds resemble plucked strings--the "hoedown" part comes in around 1:45 and is on the bouncy side.

Metropolitan de-Hulued

"Whit Stillman's film Metropolitan now available on Hulu!" was a hottish internet story a few months ago; a recent Stillman IFC interview touted that he was re-releasing it there. Well, now it's gone!

Obviously this is not your typical case of a video host "overreaching" and then getting smacked down by a suddenly self-important copyright owner a la a million of your favorite disappeared YouTubes. So what happened? Will Hulu be used as a teaser to relaunch old, dead films only to have them yanked when the "buzz" gets restarted? Were the rights to Metropolitan not entirely Stillman's to give? Did Hulu not meet contracted-upon ad revenue targets? Who knows? The only reason I care is I've been recommending the Stillman movie on Hulu to people--sorry for any waste of click energy.