"Stasis Field Day"

"Stasis Field Day" [mp3 removed]

Done entirely with the Electribe grooveboxes--using my computer's sequencer instead of the step keys. The parts with the "left hand" playing solo are minimal because I like the sound of the rhythm box's ring-modulated external input (from the synth box). There's something about that cheap digital signal processing that's magic. Don't think the Electribe designers meant for these units to sound like videogame music but they're about that low-res.

"Stasis Field Day (Bass)"

"Stasis Field Day (Bass)" [mp3 removed -- a revised version is on Bandcamp]

The rhythm is the Electribe groovebox (same riffs as "Stasis Field Day"). The main melody is also from "Stasis Field Day" but played with software synths. The bass line was borrowed from "Wormhole Resident." Bricolage, yeah.