Confiding in Google

This is funny but I'm annoyed that the divine Google now trumps my own computer’s remembered searches with their mediocre Everyman bull.
But I was also annoyed that amazon made suggestions for books I’d like based on other books I’d bought, back in the ’90s.
You can’t stop “progress.”

I Hate Ace of Cakes

A friend calls the cake makers on this Food Network show "boring" and "sedate." So true.

Their ideas for cakes are Hallmark card-predictable but the designers have this hipster patina. Most Americans will think "wow, this is what creative people are like--so funky and free" but they are just hard working hacks and drones.

Also dislike the omnipresent "documentary" style of reaction interviews to everything that happens, no matter how unimportant.

2 art ideas

"The Royally Fucked I Hate Fucking Videogames" Show. Have some specific pieces in mind for this show, all of which have previously been included in "Art and the Videogame" shows. This will be better: it will have passion, a point of view, and the name of the exhibition will not appear in any mainstream media review.

"PLUS SPACE: Maximal-as-Fuck Art." This will be a website with occasional exhibitions in real spaces. Double Happiness would qualify but the real reason for the site is so it could have text on its "about" page announcing that the gallery is not taking submissions at this time. This will make artists feel bad and they will want to be included all the more.