Guthrie Lonergan Talk

Owing to some confusion I missed Guthrie Lonergan's talk "We Did It Ourselves!" at Light Industry tonight and am bummed.
Light Industry the film series is hosted by Industry City Art Project--both have addresses in Sunset Park, Brooklyn but they are not the same address (as in, they are three blocks apart)--I went to the address on the website for Industry City, found an empty building with no signage and came home. (I didn't bring my cell phone because the website directions were quite clear, with a google map pinpointing the precise wrong location.)
Here is what Lonergan announced that he would be talking about, which sounds great:

"The success and failure (and illusion and depravity) of DIY in the era of Web 2.0 -- Little entries in The Big Database -- selections of new Internet art and Internet 'non-art' -- My Favorites! -- Something very real struggling beneath a heavy and ancient structure of corporate software defaults and cultural banality... What have we done? I will try very hard to offer insightful and enthusiastic annotation as I surf the net in public for you. I broke my laptop's keyboard but maybe I can borrow my girlfriend's. We will look at a vague Internet art movement (moment?) still growing -- critical of but subject to technology -- artists in relationship to The Big Database, collecting tiny home video thumbnails, or posting difficult metaphysical questions on Yahoo! Answers (a lot of Travis Hallenbeck and Joel Holmberg), etc. -- regular Internet users as artists -- artists using -- And with just-as-powerful pieces of online 'amateur content' -- an entire YouTube-based Fandom for fans of box-fans and washing machines, and 11 year-old kids sharing dull dreams as downloadable 3d models. A fully linked playlist will be released after the event... Please come!" - Guthrie