1-Bit Drawings


1-Bit Drawings (html page with 14 monochrome bitmap drawings)

All posted previously except the one above. Have been wanting to see them on a single page without all the blog paraphernalia around them. All are original except the "galvanized chess piece" by Driessens & Verstappen I drew from an image on Vvork.

Drawn in Microsoft Paintbrush (a late 80s/early 90s program once part of the Windows office suite) using the monochrome pallette. HTML design was done using Seamonkey Composer. The page has been validated by html validators, at least.

vvork twitter

copied and pasted:

tie dye molotov cocktail with purple-blue-grey soft drink bleeding into fuse fabric
watercolorish rendering of climbing wall in landscape
collapsed pink-grey grid in gallery corner made of fabric and foam
photo of anti-coal protesters
concentric rings of biomorphic colored plastic (?) on gallery wall with stonehenge reference in title
white plastic sheet with impression of combination lock numbers, supposedly from Hong Kong building to contain spread of SARS
cut plexiglas mobile with nested circles and squares
capital letters and forward slashes on gallery-wall-sized grid form sentences and palindromes about war, revolt, etc
allover painting or digital abstraction of swirly marbling effects in hot orange, pink, and green
capital letters A - Z in white neon wrap two gallery walls
wall installation of paintings (?) that look like web graphics - gradient triangles, cartoon explosion, etc.
target's eye views of woman shooting rifle - a hit trips the shutter in carnival photobooth camera - photos span many years
dozens of narrow spotlight beams spray out from piano as seated musician plays
flags of fictional nations (grid of 18)
flags of fictional nations (animated GIF slide show)
illustration of proposed monument: cracked facade of retail storefront with flatscreen TVs, speakers in window
eleven mirrors, two pink things on floor of baroque church
installation with shelving, stackable containers, video monitors, pleasing color combinations (but not too tasteful)
abstract painting with large splashes at top tapering down into dense overlapping drip-networks
faux marble column ashtray with crushed out cigarette butts
post re: three years of vvork and tweet re: one year of vvork twitter
photo of oval mirror (supposedly), hung facing wall
photo of video camera filming cardboard box on top of bucket
collage: sun temple sacrificial altar, modified skylight in Loggia’s dome at Tate St Ives, Extreme Proxigean Spring Tide, etc
large conference table with splatter-painting top surrounded by chairs with modernist plaid webbing
visual pun: computer keyboard with small cemetery gravestones in lieu of keys
oil painting of ocean waves & clouds with raster-like lines of written text defining lights and darks
video still of ocean with small buoy or large boat on horizon
installation reworks traditional rice cultivation technique from SE Asia in "overly complexified, industrial, laboratory style way"
Experimental interactive environment builds internal representation of its occupants through network of autonomous but communicative sensors
modern and rustic jungle stilt houses described as "self-sustaining environment emerging from the artistic community"
artist brushes and combs hair and face while repeating the words "art must be beautiful" (YouTube)
1992 cloth banner re: English language dominance in art world
photo of rooftop flags with decreasing legibility: olive branches, UK flag with face, blue/red/orange pattern
flatscreen monitor with animated lens flares sweeping across it
oath of the horatii with overlaid translucent rectangle
books as art (again) - stacked and arranged in spectrum according to paper color and apparently collapsing
photo of river raft made of trash from previous exhibition
self-describing text in white picture frame with "turbo" sticker in description and also in frame
photo closeup of smiling mouth distorted by lens or water
graphite rubbing of manhole cover with birds, flowers
white stuccoed space with toolkit and lifesized cardboard cutout of Snoop Dogg