recommended: blog of semi-abstract sound and video by Rick Silva.

Video, still and sound objects arranged four or so to a page.

Self referential designs (e.g. mountainous ripples made with characteristic marching ants and faceted chains of photoshop outlining), moving 3D graphics (mountainscapes, again, are prevalent), complex polygonal shapes (some moving or vibrating, some not), and eerie, Alpine UFO sample-tones marred by pops and clicks (think Eno through a fried sound card) appear on full-frame pages, no text. What does it all mean? No wall labels, you're on your own. These are net art gems--enjoy while you can since this artist is constantly erasing his trail across the net.

Update: As expected, it went away not long after this post but then came back in January 2011.

Notes on "Younger than Jesus" Opening

... last night at the New Museum:

Guard watching banana peel on floor defeats the purpose of a banana peel

Guard watching sleeping woman to stop people tickling her defeats the purpose of sleeping people

Dude playing Mark Essen game simultaneously explained game and played expertly. For an appointment go to

Went into suspended animation during "Unmonumental" and came out to discover it was still up

AIDS-3d sculpture would be better if it said OMGWTFBBQ instead of just OMG

Cory Arcangel monumentally unmonumental photoshop gradient has flawless print surface

Long video of riot on bridge, flares going off at night (looks like blown up home movie - some kind of Zapruder footage as art - too long to watch at opening)

Cut up overstuffed chair recalled Jean Blackburn with not half bad Lynch-lite video and green prints on wall behind it

All wall labels referring to "construction of identity" should be burned

Saw Borna in stairwell