"Iceworld Two"

"Iceworld Two" [mp3 removed]

The deep bass throb on this will likely be lost on computer speakers. The bass is a drum loop run through the Mutator analog filter.
The synths are FM4 (the strumming strings-like part, recorded separately and pasted in with a short prayer), Absynth for the "keyboard," and the wispy drumming at the end is an 808 loop with some delay.

Calling Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard

Sean Penn to play Larry Fine in Farrelly Brothers Three Stooges movie. This interminable Onion AV Club thread makes that blood-curdling announcement somewhat palatable, with frequent typing of "multiple face slaps," "nyuk nyuk nyuk" and the requisite "Spread out!" Boys, boys.

Moe: So you think you can make flapjacks, eh?
Larry: I don't think. I know.
Moe: I don't think you know either.


It's one thing to be the full blown idiot Curly was and bring the constant wrath of Moe down upon you, but it's one step further to defend that idiocy...and thereby challenge the leadership of Moe. If that doesn't deserve multiple slaps across the face and a little hair yanking, I don't know what does.