Examples of anti-sit devices from google images (hat tip Curbed)

One website calls these "architectures of control in design." No sitting, no leaning, no resting, no skating, no enjoyment, pain, pain, hurt, sadomasochism, move along, you animal. That is the world we now live in, courtesy our fine owners of property.

"Software Caddy"

"Software Caddy" [mp3 removed -- a newer version is available on Bandcamp]

A slab of techno-primitivism (more than usual). All done in Reaktor - two sequences, some muting/unmuting of tracks. The variations are programmed into the presets (which I "tuned" to get this group of six percussion instruments) - don't know if there's any randomization or if it's LFOs sweeping various parameters - should re-read the manual.