Living in Oblivion


The best indie movie about the making of an indie movie is on Hulu right now - don't miss it if you haven't seen it. If you ever had the urge to make a film, this dark comedy will kill it dead. It's the antidote to Robert Rodriguez' hopeful advice to newbs. This is a career high for Steve Buscemi in a career of career highs. Watch as he sweet-talks the primadonna actors and cameraman to keep them from walking off the disastrous set, blows his top at the line producer, sound guy, and assorted grips, and is dressed down by a dwarf for the use of a dwarf in a dream sequence: "I don't even dream about dwarves!" yells the small person. Written and directed from the bottom of a cinematographically longsuffering heart by Tom DiCillo, who also made The Real Blonde, another underappreciated gem.

Completely unplanned screen cap from Hulu - not bad, I think.