Heather Rowe

Am continuing to guest blog for Paddy Johnson. Here's my second post, on the just-closed Heather Rowe show at D'Amelio Terras gallery.

We had a fair amount of discussion of my Anne Truitt post, mostly because of one ardent defender of Truitt who thought I had given her work inadequate consideration. I suppose if I were writing a museum wall label I would need to give both sides of the Truitt story, including a walk-through of the work and how the artist talks about it. But this is an editorial--you are allowed to be flip and dismissive. In any case by the end of comment thread I had supplied copious detail on Truitt's work and history--still without describing individual pieces in the old acceptable textbook language that just sticks in my craw. Surely we all know how color field painting and minimalism is written about, at this point?