Brandon Blommaert


Now this is an efficient GIF - 24 KB. That's a lot of bang for your memory buck.
The artist is Brandon Blommaert, who also did this video:

"an animation about a scientist in a computerized cave" - what's not to like?
Tron meets the Brothers Quay (and Jim Henson)
The sequences of old school wireframe mixed with synthesized blorts give me animatronic goosebumps.
What caught my eye for the video were these cardboard consoles.

hat tip un/stage, which has a page of Blommaert's GIF work.

previously noted on Rhizome - the GIFs got better since that post but are still probably a little too much on the slick side for my taste - the organic form in the one above helps warm it up a little - while at Rhizome be sure to read about coal-fired computers and feel really bad about yourself. (I seem to recall this was a late '90s canard designed to spur coal production - one lump per megabyte or whatever - but I'm sure the artists have done their homework this time and aren't just passing around bogus industry statistics. Nothing like having a coal stove hooked to a laptop to make your point - subtle!)