chelsea notes



Did the Chelsea crawl yesterday with dumpers Hypothete and Frankhats, who are in town for the IRL residency. 23rd Street everything was open and most shows were good, e.g., Lily van der Stokker's only-mildly-sarcastic kiddie wall paintings at Leo Koenig, Omar Chacon's vibrant Op Glop at Margaret Thatcher, and Casey Cook's cartoon surrealist meditations on paint stains (above) at I-20.The Heathers on 22nd and 24th were mostly closed for installation; an exception being Friedrich Kunath's show "Tropical Depression" at Andrea Rosen, featuring some tasty Sigmar Polke-ish paintings packed with layered vintage illustration. On other streets and avenues: a show of neo-quasi-ostensibly geometric painting at Edward Thorpe featuring some nice work by Andrew Spence, Stephen Mueller, Jennifer Kobylarz, and others; and a solid Dan Flavin offering at Paula Cooper consisting of a boxy room-within-a-room with a central grill of back-to-back fluorescents dramatically canceling each others' optical frequencies so that each group's predominant color was intensified when viewed through the grill from the opposite side.