irl convo about

"You're really into dump, aren't you? [Skeptical look]
"Yeah, sure. I mean it's not always so great when there are 30 penises onscreen..."
"That's what I mean." [Look of intense disapproval]
"But you can always just leave, or if you have 1-2 friends on you can make fun of the dicks and/or change the subject..."
"It might be OK if you could go find your own dump room somewhere..."
"A few of those rooms exist, but it's not so great when only 3 or 4 'artistes' are present --you need the input that's constantly coming in from outside."
"Uh, dump's just too much like... the Internet" [Look of disgust]
"Yes, well..."
"I guess I'm just jaded." [Walks away to deal with some distraction]

Conversation continues mentally: "Oh, you're complaining that the site doesn't filter the Net enough but you're the one that's jaded. That's a laugh and a half."

Hat tip Duncan Alexander (who was not one of the parties above) for the phrase "internet hardened": many go back and forth on whether that's a virtue. Pre-dump, I spent a couple of years surfing, a LiveJournal GIF scraper that was also constantly pulling up chan, b3ta, and fazed material in addition to LJ. Lots of sludge to go through for the occasional nugget of pure internet gold. The main question to ask about a cumshot loop or an exploding head isn't whether it sends you to the fainting couch, it's whether it has any intrinsic interest or is just some moron wasting your time. As for whether the psychic residue of internet sex and violence will kill you, the committed surfer develops something like a bird's nictitating membrane, the semi-transparent third eyelid that winks shut suddenly to protect its eyes from airborne debris. "Deal with it."

Update: The fun continues: "Dump would have been invented eventually anyway...".