I Don't Get It Goth


animated GIF by Ryder Ripps. Buried in this mass of fluctuating mixed signals is a stock photo of a middle aged man called the "I Don't Get It Guy." He has temperamentally scrawled "I Don't Get It" in horror movie letters on his own forehead and cheeks and scowls out at us from the inside of a sidereal time disturbance. Frankenstein's monster meets Kurt Vonnegut's Winston Niles Rumfoord, the aristocrat caught in a chrono-synclastic infundibulum who fades in and out of the plot of The Sirens of Titan. The IDGI guy is angry and alienated because Vvork and Rhizome will not reblog him and he is consigned to the "moderate to difficult" lane of internet art validation.

"Vector Repeater II"

"Vector Repeater II" [mp3 moved to Bandcamp]

This song and the next should probably called vignettes as they are fairly simple ideas. This one is a drum solo using a "sample destroying" sequencer (and again, much reverb and compression).

"Shark Ship"

"Shark Ship" [mp3 removed]

A somewhat melancholy synth dirge using a capacitor wave sound generator (have worked with this instrument from the Reaktor user library, called Shark, before). Very compressed for a rumbly, full sound. The song's title is from a classic C.M. Kornbluth story.