BYOB NY - Documentation


These are GIFs I projected at the BYOB NY (bring your own beamer) event on November 12, 2010 at Spencer Brownstone Gallery in NYC:

Blue Bomb [projected GIF] [installation view GIF]

Gradient Squares [projected GIF] [installation view (left side) - 344 KB .mov]

Camping Chair [projected GIFs]

Turning Spheres [projected GIFs]

OptiDisc Classic [projected GIF]

OptiDisc Large Bits [projected GIF] [installation view - 2.9 MB GIF]

Pencil Test [projected GIF]

Square Homage Lamb [projected GIF]

Hexagons [projected GIF]

Projectors [projected GIFs]

Planetesimals [projected GIFs] [installation view (upper left) - 800 KB .mov]

Double Double Centrifuge [projected GIFs]

Buoys [projected GIFs]

Wireframe Tube Pair [projected GIFs] [installation view (upper left) - 454 KB .mov]

The installation video clips and the photo above are from a YouTube posted by BYOB NY curator Rafael Rozendaal. Thanks to users of who unknowingly contributed material used in some of these projections: FAUXreal, andrej, stage (Square Homage Lamb), noisia (Projectors), j1p2m3, stefan, and others. The GIFs were sized for a 800 x 600 screen (my projector dimensions) so they now have more white space around them (on most browsers) than they did in the show.

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"Village of the Hammonds"

"Village of the Hammonds" [mp3 removed]

Still working with the simulated Roland "space echo" delay (the RE-201). Here some Hammond B3s make bare-bones statements in concert with detuned FM percussion. A couple of drum patterns and a keyboard riff were borrowed from an earlier song, "Lithium Valley."

Update: Changed the title from "Valley of the Hammonds" to "Village of the Hammonds." It just sounds more preposterous.

"Space Jive Trio 2010"

"Space Jive Trio 2010" [mp3 removed]

Did this song 3 years ago and noticed it had some clipping so I ended up revamping it with much more echo. Also added a slight wah on one of the organ parts. With all the added delay this is sounding vaguely African now, as opposed to a jape on '60s "combo" jazz.

quantum snowplow


large version

hat tip j1p2m3 - the original GIF was made by a wingnut who believes govt has the time and money to waste plowing and replowing the same snow; this person must not live in the US, where conservatives have cut municipal budgets to a barely functioning level. In my version, the plow is in a state of "smeared" quantum uncertainty where its function and even size is in flux - this is a metaphor for the mind of the modern Tea Party moron.