new year's eve


will be doing some virtual celebrating on a group blog called Haze Luux or commetscommets, depending on where you are looking. please come by to watch people igniting cyberfireworks (the ones above are agnes martin's) and guzzling jpeg champagne

oh, yeah and vomiting.

the results will be online for a few days. hat tip David Gray.

Update: Hypothete's posting of Prince's "1999" on YouTube reminded me of this story, which I think I just put out of my mind for eleven years:

On Dec. 31, 1999 I went to a party in an artist friend's Brooklyn studio. Fun, but very sparsely attended because every other New Yorker had left town for cabins upstate, family in the burbs, etc. It was widely believed that due to the Y2K bug the city was going to be in chaos with widespread looting etc. So those of us who stayed did indeed "party like it was 1999."

Paddy Johnson fundraiser

Paddy Johnson is having a year-end fundraiser for her blog. I gave and recommend you do too. As Brad Troemel noted, hers is one of two places offering any kind of substantive criticism of the new media scene; the other one being [HTML PARSING ERROR]. In any case, she offers a good balance to the "coal powered laptop," "alarm clock that rolls off the nightstand and forces you to scurry after it on the floor until you wake up" brand of institutional journalism. Indie blogs are important; hers, in particular, needs to continue.