Sunken Ship Pseudo-News

According to this AP story a "team" of divers found a sunken ship captained by a naval officer who later went on to win a pivotal battle in the War of 1812. According to the divers (three amateurs with metal detectors) the sinking of the ship changed the course of history.

This was a national headline story today, covered by many news outlets.

Buried in the story is the information that (i) there's no proof they found the ship and (ii) it's doubtful how pivotal the sinking was. After losing the ship Revenge in the Atlantic, Oliver Hazard Perry was assigned to the Great Lakes and beat the British there. The amateurs claim this demotion was critical because a lesser officer couldn't have won in the Great Lakes. Wha--? The only actual historian quoted in the article politely suggests this is a BS theory.

Using sentences from the article, here's how the headlines should have been written:

Divers Haven't Discovered Ship's Bell or Anything Else Identifying It
"Whether or not there is another officer that could have done as well as Perry did is one of those 'might-have-beens' that historians are not prone to ask," historian says.