panel discussion worth watching

Worth watching instead of, say, a movie: 1 hour, 48 min panel discussion about such topics as:

amazon's cave-in to Joe Lieberman over server space for a media outlet
whether you-know-what is a media outlet
first amendment protections applied to "company towns"
whether/when/where social media sites will have a "special room" for govt. perusal of data
the gov't "dropped in" on facebook one day
how the stasi could have used SocMed's personal data to create its "nation of informers"
US: tunisia or GDR?
people outside US more horrified by amazon's treachery than US residents
journalist shield law is pipe dream because no agreement on what journalist is, post-print

Panelists:Daniel Ellsberg, Clay Shirky, Neville Roy Singham, Peter Thiel, Jonathan Zittrain
Moderator: Paul Jay

vinyl record turntables




top: "Strictly a limited edition model, of which only ten units will be manufactured."

bottom: "This project is designed by RD Silver, a designer who has the guts to take away everything but the guts."


Vinyl is dead; long live vinyl fetishism.