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nintendocore vs apple store indie (not viewable in IE; pics from

Greg Egan's Zendegi envisions "side-loading" of modeled human brain functions from scans of people now dead to perform mechanical turklike tasks

finally saw Dog Day Afternoon, uncensored, from start to finish. great but only "30% true" according to the actual bank robber

they moved me to new twitter! celebrated by drinking New Coke

am i wrong to have no interest in a movie about a ballerina who becomes mentally ill? or a remake of true grit without glen campbell?

two panel post with r.m.x-ed gifs by @pjbaldes (left) and ace (right) (not viewable in IE)

"The marketing focus is to penetrate Gabriel's core fan base as well as fans of all genres and in all demographics..." (product description)

Sosuke, betrothed at age 5 with his mom's blessing, decides in high school he doesn't love Ponyo anymore & Ponyo turns into sea foam

magazine apps are failing? but steve jobs was going to be the guy who finally monetized the web through tightfisted control and hardware!

need to see the un-Americanized Ponyo - Lasseter's jones for Miyazaki is commercial blessing, creative curse

lumet's latest: from the way mom used that pistol i'd say albert finney had help turning his sons into criminals but we'll never know

dreamed about a fast food restaurant where people talked and spit food into a "smart cup" to place their orders

an interesting statement from Van Vliet was that he was "against the hypnotic" - he didn't want you to be able to sink into music

Van Vliet's harshest critics musically said he "merely" translated jazz atonality into rock - that rather ignores his songwriting & voice

worst advice ever: stop being a musician to be taken seriously as an artist (Michael Werner to Don Van Vliet)

"how would you like to own a car like that, kid?" "yes, sir!" "well, you never will" (pierrot le fou)

"I wonder what's keeping the cops--we should be in jail by now" "They're smart--they let people destroy themselves" (pierrot le fou)

people who type "muah" are not to be trusted; however, people who type "muwah ha ha" are true netizens

seeing La jetée in 2010 for the first time; visitor-from-the-future-take: it's a film about time and the poignance of silver nitrate photos

La jetée is more than its medium, of course; but was constantly struck by the beauty of the contrast-y B&W photos, so much of their era

comparison of La jetée to Ink (2009) (not viewable in IE)