antlers wifi returns has returned.

Here's a post about the site from a couple of years ago, not all of which is germane (e.g., no sound as of yet and the page is now more bloggy):

recommended: blog of semi-abstract sound and video by Rick Silva.

Video, still and sound objects arranged four or so to a page.

Self referential designs (e.g. mountainous ripples made with characteristic marching ants and faceted chains of photoshop outlining), moving 3D graphics (mountainscapes, again, are prevalent), complex polygonal shapes (some moving or vibrating, some not), and eerie, Alpine UFO sample-tones marred by pops and clicks (think Eno through a fried sound card) appear on full-frame pages, no text. What does it all mean? No wall labels, you're on your own. These are net art gems--enjoy while you can since this artist is constantly erasing his trail across the net.

This GIF suggests JG Ballard's Crystal World by way of the geometric energy field in David Lynch's Dune. Shields on, plants.