STRATFOR compares the uprising to the 1979 Iranian revolution and wants to know who's really behind the protests. (The comments to the linked post are rather, er, skeptical of this analysis.)

Two essays consider the split over Egypt among US neocons, who are usually better with message discipline. Interesting excerpt from one of them (Jack Ross, writing in Right Web):

...the Anti-Islamist Scare that has gained full steam since the election of Obama appears to be a completely distinct phenomenon from historic neoconservatism, notwithstanding how opportunistically it has been embraced by figures like Bill Kristol and the Liz Cheney-led Keep America Safe. It is a phenomenon straight from the pages of Richard Hofstadter’s The Paranoid Style In American Politics. Whereas Hofstadter famously pointed to projection in the anti-Catholic Ku Klux Klan who “donned priestly vestments and constructed an elaborate hierarchy and ritual,” the backlash against the so-called Ground Zero Mosque—with its frank talk of “sacred ground”—reflected the desire to construct an American holy of holies.