"Software Caddy Variation"

"Software Caddy Variation" [mp3 removed]

The beats are from Reaktor's Rhythmaker synth, beefed up with reverb, delay, and compression; the pads are Carbon 2. I keep coming back to Rhythmaker because it is a pure electro synth--no PCM (samples), it's a series of dedicated channels (kick, snare, percussion, toms) with tweakable variables driven by an onboard sequencer. Basically a software 808 with more up-to-date sound generators (e.g., spectral synthesis for the snare). The two beats used in this song are presets where I made small changes to the sequences and levels on the individual channels. Other variables included switching between wet and dry on the reverb effect, and seeing how different beats interacted with different pads. The song starts out minimal and gets more lush as it goes.