The Director Borrowed My Umbrella

The first nine IMDb reviews of Enter the Void start with some first person color no one needs:

Gaspar Noé's big beast of a Cannes entrant showed for the first time in the UK this week in October. Gaspar Noé was there to introduce the film, which was a great kick for me, even though he didn't do a Q&A.

Glad to hear you had a kick.

I was a bit apprehensive prior to the start of this movie. I didn't "get" 2001 at all the first time I watched it and I positively hated David Lynch's ERASERHEAD. Would I enjoy ENTER THE VOID? Understand it? Walk out before the end? Yes, yes and no.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Saw this at the Melbourne International Film Festival. Whilst I didn't enjoy Noe's first film I Stand Alone, I loved Irreversible.

Good to know.

This was my first film at the Stockholm Film Festival, I don't mean to brag but Gaspar Noé got to use my umbrella when the reporters took photos of him in the rain, never going to touch that umbrella again...

Now we really want to see this.

I attended the International Premiere of "Enter the Void" at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival. Fans of director Gaspar Noé, whose film "Irreversible" created a significant following, will not be disappointed.

It's important to know which premiere you attended.

I saw the NY premiere of the directors cut last night and all I can say is I was extremely disappointed.

Maybe if you'd seen it in Toronto...

Where to start? I saw this film nearly a month ago at Melbourne International Film Festival. I haven't quite been able to shake it from my brain since!

That's because you saw it in Melbourne.

At least one of these writers covered Hayao Miyazaki's Ponyo a while back.