10th Anniversary (2 Days Ago)


Somehow I let my 10th anniversary as a blogger go by--my first post was February 21, 2001. Now I'm so well known that people are making screen shots of my typographical errors (above: .png by carjackcker posted to dump.fm)*.

Thanks to Bill Schwarz for hooking me up with my first blog and to Jim Bassett for keeping Digital Media Tree running smoothly all these years. And thanks to Barry Hoggard and Edward Potter for helping me with the Word Press phase.

Waxing philosophical: This blog is a relic of the heady "blogosphere" days, before Facebook made the Internet safe for everyone. My intent is to continue as a Coelecanth-like living fossil (minus comments), while trying out various corporate and indie social media playgrounds other than Facebook, which just sounds sucky.

*And not just making screenshots - hotlinking them and pairing them with dead guys.