Graphics Interchange Format documentation teaser

Here is my edit of some of the documentation of Paddy Johnson's "Graphics Interchange Format" exhibit at Denison University, from her flickr page. This assortment is mostly centered on my pieces in the show and is by no means an overview--Johnson says a web page with the full exhibit is coming.


"Gold Machine Cosmos" (collab. with frankhats and others): animated GIF of installation view / original GIF


installation view of "Gold Machine Cosmos" and "Splashz BW" (see below) on pedestals. On walls: Saul Chernick did the skeletons; not sure who did the pyramid.


installation view of "Graphics Interchange Format" exhibit


"OptiDisc" installed in room with beanbag chairs / animated GIF of installation / orig. GIF


"OptiDisc" in mid-installation, prior to leveling. A clearer shot, and not as severely cropped by the projector


installation view (not sure who did the coffin [update: it is Rising Tensions'])


Depending on the day, I had work in the show as a dumper on This is how the Dump front page looked on a day I wasn't on it. / animated GIF of Dump in gallery


"Polar Remainders": animated GIF of installation view / original post of these GIFs


installation view, "Splashz BW" and "Polar Remainders" / original GIF of Splashz BW

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