gold machine cosmos


Made this GIF (the machinery part of the above) from a science animation I saved from dump a while back (also this one, where the motion goes two ways--poorly). frankhats incorporated it into a larger tiled page (layered with other images and patterns made by him, mirrrroring, and robocide) that is pretty spectacular.

I captured the frankhats page and made a single 1.6 MB GIF that isn't quite as detailed but features some of the high spots and is more portable. The GIF above is a cropped, 6 frame version of that one.

Am going to go on Craigslist and look for an art critic who can explain this work.

Update: Need some text filler (too close to the piano) so here's Leo Steinberg:

The flatbed picture plane makes its "...symbolic allusion to hard surfaces, or any receptor surface on which objects are scattered, on which data are entered, on which information may be received, printed, impressed - whether coherently or in confusion. It does not simulate vertical fields, but opaque flatbed horizontals. It does not depend on a head-to-toe correspondence with human posture, but insists on an essentially new orientation, in which the painted surface is no longer the analogue of a visual experience of nature but of operational processes… it is not the actual physical placement of the image that counts. It is the psychic address of the image, its special mode of imaginative confrontation, that tends to regard the tilt of the picture plane from vertical to horizontal and is expressive of a radical shift in the subject matter of art, the shift from nature to culture."

Update: Made a slight tweak to the 1.6 MB GIF version of the tile page. Still thinking about it.