"Pacific Scrim"

"Pacific Scrim" [remixed and reposted here]

Apologies for the detailed technical notes, will forget this if I don't write it down.

Right channel: Sidstation sustained note C3 (raising and lowering octaves to C2 and C4 at the end) enters Mutator filter through main audio input (also in the right channel). Midi notes on MIDI channel 3 play in an ascending/descending sequence, affecting the pitch of the cutoff filter [and retriggering LFO sweeps at the beginning of each note--I think]. At the same time a drum pattern from an Electribe groovebox entering the Mutator's right channel external audio port changes the envelope contour, giving the sequence a syncopated beat it wouldn't otherwise have. (The Electribe was set at the same BPM but I ran out of MIDI cables so it's a miracle it's in sync.)

Left channel: Same as above, except the audio being filtered (the Hawaiian guitar sound) is a high note from an analogue drum machine (with some FM wobble), the MIDI on channel 4 is triggering descending/ascending notes instead of the reverse, and there is no Electribe beat envelope.

The opening section is the same setup as the left/right channels described above, played with the Sidstation and Ch. 3/4 MIDI notes but without the Electribe beat envelope in the right channel, making the LFO/filtering more swirly.

The melody at the halfway point sounds like it wandered in from another song but it's kind of pretty, IIDSSM.