Retro Life

My conversation with Jeanette Hayes about computing styles continued at last night's Speed Show (one of a series of exhibitions in internet cafes; last night's was organized by Lindsay Howard).

Brian Droutcour reported this dialogue on his twitter:

Tom Moody was talking about Apple and Flash and then Jeanette Hayes walked in and said "it's so weird to see my blog on a PC!"

Jeanette: "this is such a fun keyboard!" It's beige. Tom: "welcome to my life."

Joking aside, an awkward aspect of art shows in internet cafes, I think, is having artists who are there by choice (using those clunky old PCs) displacing people needing to check emails, do e-commerce etc. Some of the regulars got a bit testy having to look for unoccupied workstations. Was impressed, however, to see that the computer chosen to host Erik Stinson's essay about the New Creativity (the focal point and inspiration for the show) was running Linux!